GRAPHICAL DATA - Responding to COVID-19

GD are here to support your organization and your community during this time of uncertainty.


As the COVID-19 Pandemic unleashed itself upon the world, We at Graphical Data followed our prepared Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Staff relocated to home-working and our on-line systems continued to provide a 100% availability of service. We also found ourselves providing guidance and support to our active and prospective clients at they worked through their contingency plans


After this initial lockdown period, businesses have endeavoured to provide Business As Usual (BAU) services to their customers. In most cases, this has by necessity created new workflows, generated new KPI’s and new normals of operation!


Now is the time to plan for when the quarantine lockdown is over or relaxed. One thing is certain, that there will be a new version of Business as Usual for every organisation. And all this at a time when their staff, finance and operations are faced with unprecedented challenges.

Graphical Data’s RESOLVE product and module toolkit is perfect for supporting the digitisation of your workflow. With all teams working remotely or in dispersed environments, it is vital to have the proper systems in place to help govern your business processes.

This intuitive software eases the mapping of your business critical activities and provides a control and governance framework, enabling you to minimise downtime, save money and to manage your team effectively.

Ensure nothing is forgotten or lost. Benefits include active prompts from the system and stay on top of complex and fast-moving developments with the visual dashboards showing activities and performance against any and all desired KPIs.