Our versatile software toolkits are designed to give you clear, concise and usable pictures from your data, delivering real business value. Graphical Data are here to support you in getting the most out of your data.

Actionable Insights

Visual Analytics

Better Understanding

Process Governance

A set of versatile and
configurable software
products to fit your

  • Present your data clearly in clear visual ways
  • Make data driven decisions using real time analytics dashboards
  • Make information accessible across your entire organisation
  • Improve control of internal/external resources with increased data accuracy
  • Create a unified approach to managing business information and processes

Presentable material for instant understanding

Use the output of graphical data analytics to inform your customers, board, shareholders, stakeholders, teams and individuals. A picture can instantly allow faster and more aligned understanding of complex data.
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Our Business is bringing
your data to life

Graphical Data solutions are ideal for SME and Enterprise organisations. With Graphical Data's support and partnership to help, make things change and see results in days and weeks not months.

Our solutions help your business grow, and are designed to be flexible to adapt, change and develop as you do.

Graphical Data

For more than 10 years we have been helping business get the most from their data. Via our APIs and other tools, we can extract intelligence from new, old, large or small data sets.
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Tailored, not bespoke

A versatile and highly configurable product tool-set easily shaped to adapt to your business needs and style.


Graphical Data will share our experience and lesson learned from other deployments to get you the benefits with the least amount of time and effort.


Quick to deploy, easy to see issues and resolve problems. Get immediate benefits and enjoy the ability to keep developing. You'll enjoy the benefits of illuminated data quickly!


Graphical Data will support you throughout the process: working with data; configuring software to fit your business, training/support and growing as your business does.

Create a unified approach in how your organisation manages its business processes by ensuring the right level of process and operational governance is in place.

Your business will benefit and function more smoothly - less time lost and less waste. You can also keep track on your suppliers' performance, while keeping your partners or customers always up to date.

Build a single, reliable view of the truth! Eliminate data islands. Get a clear and effective view from any and all of your data. Generate reports and find information quickly.

Find answers you didn't think were possible. Soon you'll be asking questions from your data that you hadn't dreamt available. Limitless flexibility to be gained through a better understanding of your business.

Improve your data quality and introduce better methods to manage, share and interpret information across the organisation. Get people working together.


Collect data incrementally and all the time. Before you know it you’ll achieve a single centre of knowledge and excellence producing benefits from lessons learned.

Use the power of graphical dashboards and visualisation tools, connected to any of your data sources, to deliver actionable business insights you can see clearly.

Create common dashboards from across various data sources to give easy to interpret views into how your business is performing and where you can improve.

Anyone who has had exposure to this will
agree that the interface and the way that the
information is presented is a level above
anything we have seen before

NMC Manager, Arqiva

case study

Visualised Data for Trend Analysis

Extracted from complex data, our client was able to see underlying trends and become more efficient.

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