bring harmony to
your business.

With everyone in step you’ll be more efficient and profitable. ILLUMINATOR is a fully configurable content management tool designed to help you get the clearest picture from your data. Enjoy maps, charts, graphs and visualisations - all data driven, all up to date and all easy to access.

Efficiency through automation

Eliminate intensive time consuming data manipulation. ILLUMINATOR can take raw data sets and automatically output clear and easy to interpret visual formats.

A single view of the truth

A trusted information resource, whether mastered in ILLUMINATOR's database or pulled from other sources, will allow you to make better, more informed decisions. Avoid costly outages and maintain the highest standards for your customers.

Data Visualised

Your information displayed in clear, easy to understand formats. Data can be presented using an extensive library of formats - maps, charts, diagrams, racks, wiring schedules - whatever the need there is an ILLUMINATOR tool for the job.

User Friendly

Software tools designed to be intuitive and user friendly, giving you a fast and consistent method of publishing, accessing and maintaining key data sets. Gain time and save money by having automatic data manipulation ready and at hand.

Knowing what’s going on means
you’ll be in control

Huge commercial benefits in cost savings, efficiencies and profitability are yours to enjoy when using ILLUMINATOR for unifying your multiple information sources into a single governing interface with tailored dashboards with active management.

Unification of multiple data types

Bring all your important data together to review in a common format. Elevate diverse information sets to a common base and display in simple to read visual dashboards. How much? How many? and How Often? ILLUMINATOR answers these questions and many more.

Information management

Finance, Inventory and Process Workflow information all in one place. Integrating existing data sources to act as effectively one singular data set which can be manipulated to produce the data/information you need to drive your business

Save Time and Effort

Eliminate intensive time consuming data manipulation. ILLUMINATOR can generate and maintain all kinds of maps and plans and charts automatically freeing up your staff to focus on other important work. You’ll be amazed at the level of detail and the range of map and images we can create directly from the data.

Deliver more, deliver faster.

Significant saving in time and cost come form using ILLUMINATOR to support the governance of you projects and processes. Reinforcing methods and data capture, document library management and much more are simplified and easy to track and control via the highly developed software modules already available.
Automated technical diagrams
Broadcast Network
Automated, data driven logical diagrams centrally controlled and instantly updated when data changes
Type: Logical diagrams, schematics
Network analysis
Network Communications
Geo location functionality to visualize data in a map environment
Type: Mapping visualizations
Data analysis
Smart Technology
Track performance using real or near real time dashboards customized as required
Type: Dashboards
Programme governance
Central location to track key programme/project metrics
Type: Gantt charts
Asset inventory
Broadcast Network
Technical equipment asset management and capacity analysis
Type: High resolution equipment views
Rack management and design toolkit
Media & Broadcast
Ability to manage equipment asset and rack layouts
Type: Equipment views, rack layouts, cable schedules

Illuminator is powering businesses with a range of tools

Geo-data Integration

Any data set with geo spatial context can be illuminated on a map environment using the built in data mapping tool. Discover and predict key insights from location data

Automated visualisations

ILLUMINATOR Rack Management, Logical Diagram and Wiring Schedule tools can output highly visual images from multiple data formats

Process Support

Ensure projects stay on track by having access to all your key project data in one place

API Integrations

Consume, combine and create relationships between your different data sets then have them displayed as one

Network Analysis

A value add tool to your network management systems, ILLUMINATOR automatically produces visualisations of your network allowing you to discover insights and understand capacity

Technical Information & Configuration Database

Create a knowledgebase of all of your combined technical information in one place, from which all of your workforce can contribute to and benefit.

Asset Inventory

A centrally controlled equipment asset database maximising the value of your existing capacity.

Disaster Recovery

A module for creating, maintaining and sharing Disaster Recovery plans throughout your organisation so that, in the worst case scenario, everyone is prepared and the vital information is available.

case study

Project Governance on major Broadcast Programme

Extracted from complex data, our client was able to see underlying trends and become more efficient.

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