Issue and Snag Management





The Programme delivery team required a custom tracking system to more effectively co-ordinate issue management throughout the project lifecycle. A traditional approach through spreadsheets or other less scalable software products proved inefficient and difficult to maintain. It was leading to disparate work-streams operating to different information management methodologies. The client found it was difficult to report on and hard to gain insights into project performance. As the client works alongside a number of suppliers to co-ordinate the network build - it was essential to have a secure, cloud-based application to allow the programme team to communicate easily with field engineers.


The application had to be tailored to meet the specific needs of the project. This included capturing technical and project information in relation to Issue management, as well as mapping their own unique business workflow into the system. Our RESOLVE team worked closely with the client to establish an understanding of the engineering aspects of the programme, as well as the extensive supply chain the client was co-ordinating.

GD worked with the client to ensure on-boarding the new software product was fast and straightforward, allowing their teams to focus on project requirements and successful delivery.

RESOLVE's simple to use and intuitive interface meant it could seamlessly fit into the programme workflow. Custom reporting dashboards allowed for instant access to Issue statistics, while permission controls designed to protect client's compliance responsibilities ensured suppliers were restricted to partitioned visibility of their own information. GD provides ongoing support and development work to ensure RESOLVE fits in with the programme’s ongoing requirements.

This client also purchased these RESOLVE Modules to work alongside this module:

  • Risks Management
  • Lessons Learned (Knowledge)
  • Change Management
  • Working at Risk (Custom)
  • Early Warning Notices (Custom)
  • Supplier Incidents (Custom)


  • Greater efficiency through the standardised communication channel and improved reporting & trend analysis
  • Project transparency - the ability for managers to have a full awareness of what is happening across the project - lowers project risk by identifying problem areas earlier
  • Audit trail of issues and work carried out ensures client is fully compliant
  • Created a knowledge repository - what went wrong, how it was dealt with and valuable lessons learnt which are a company asset to be utilised in future programmes
  • Post project snag tracking ensures any defects are properly recorded and available to operational staff who can then monitor progress in resolving the matter and so also improving handover practices.


  • Data Analytics
  • Insights
  • Data Visualisations
  • Unstructured data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reporting
  • JIRA
  • Helpdesk
  • Trend Analysis
  • Free text analysis
  • Content Delivery