Custom Workflows





The Client was initiating a change from in-house project delivery to an outsourced supplier driven model and was presented with process and workflow challenges not previously encountered on such a large scale.

Early indications showed individuals across departments developing bespoke methods for tracking and subsequently creating a range of spreadsheets to manage the workflow. This was resulting in difficulties with reporting, inconsistent data capture, higher resource requirements with multiple personnel engaged in overlapping work activities.

New SLAterms with suppliers placed obligations on the client to provide direction/sign off in suitable formats. The client was no longer in full control of the project process resulting in a requirement to implement improved methodologies for governing suppliers and their working practices.


The client utilised multiple RESOLVE custom modules to develop the appropriate processes in a single unified workflow management environment.

Working at Risk - a ticket raised by the Client or Supplier to bring attention to a scenario which could expose the suppliers' employees to working in a potential risk environment. The risk is specified and recorded, and subsequently communicated to Client for assessment and sign off. Only then will a supplier have the permission to engage, with this authority traceable and auditable in RESOLVE.

Supplier Incident -With multiple suppliers now engaged on active projects, the client required a consistent means of tracking any incidents that occur (negatively or positively) to promote ongoing continuous improvement and assist with performance reviews.

Client and Supplier users can raise incident tickets, record associated information and communicate these for acknowledgement and review. The ticket also tracks responses to incidents, how they were dealt with and addressed (or not accordingly).

Early Warning Notice - linked to the Risk module ticket type and used to advise suppliers; or from suppliers to give interested parties as much notice as possible of a potential risk that may arise. The users raise a ticket giving the detail of the notice, which is then sent to the supplier / client and auto assigned to the correct individual based on pre-defined system criteria.

Once reviewed the users respond accordingly. The objective is ticket acknowledgement and the subsequent generation of additionalRisk module tickets(See RISK Management USE CASE).

Modules were developed, released, reviewed and adjusted if required,in a rapid, iterative manner (just weeks of turnaround time).

This client also purchased these RESOLVE Modules to work alongside this module:

  • Risks management
  • Lessons Learned (Knowledge)
  • Change Management
  • Working at Risk (Custom)
  • Early Warning Notices (Custom)
  • Supplier Incidents (Custom)


Multiple processes can be managed in a single system, meaning reduction of costs for additional systems or the avoidance of multiple spreadsheet tracker creation.

Users only require onboarding / training for one system and once they are familiar with using a module type, subsequent additional type awareness becomes very straightforward.

Supplier engagement can be managed and tracked in an efficient, controlled manner.

The interlinked modules help improve project delivery and promote good supplier relations - raises awareness of problems early, potential to avoid costly mistakes or delays.

Efficient use of time and effort in tracking and sorting out issues providing measurable increases in productivity.


  • Data Analytics
  • Insights
  • Data Visualisations
  • Unstructured data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reporting
  • JIRA
  • Helpdesk
  • Trend Analysis
  • Free text analysis
  • Content Delivery